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Sunday, September 16, 2012

15 days of Spring

Spring is only 15 days old, but I am feeling the benefits already.  I do not do very well in Winter.  I tend to get down in the dumps, but the sun-shiney days make me feel better.  Today I took some photos of my garden.

 I know that Jasmine causes lots of people to suffer from Hay fever.  Me - I don't care!  As soon as I see the little pink buds I know spring is on the way.
Pink Sweet peas

Purple Sweet peas
 The sweet peas started to flower the first week on August.  They are a little slow this year, but there are lots of buds to open

A Fairy hiding  in my garden
 Grand-daughter Skylar, who is now a big girl of 6, can hardly hide in the garden now.
Snap Dragon


The only real bunch of wisteria I can see

Wisteria about to flower

 The rest are all wrapped up in the trees.  Give them a week, and they will be all over the place.
Skylar has a new "tree house" in the back garden.  It is not really a tree house, more like a fort, but it is high enough for her the touch the Bougainvillea, and the trees over head.


  1. The garden's looking really pretty and Skylar very happy with her treehouse!

  2. i don't do very well in winter either. and being in the U.S. means that we are losing all of our summer flowers. it's been nice to see all of yours just getting started. i'll have to come back frequently to get my flower fix~!


    btw: LOVE the quilt in your header as well as the broken dishes background.