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Sunday, August 1, 2010

English Basket Quilt

Do you remember this beautiful quilt?  Someone has saved me the trouble and written the pattern for it.  What a lot of work!  I bought the pattern from Corliss at Threadbear in Castlemaine in Victoria, and ordered fabric from Hancock's in the USA.  I am going to use the Moda Bella, which is the same fabric I am using for the Circuit Rider's quilt.  The colour I have chosen is Paper Bag for the Brown and I will use maybe Parchment for the lighter areas.  Still have not worked out an easy way to make all those hexagons though.


  1. Hi Wendy,I'm also making this quilt(not Corliss's pattern)...I'm doing the hexies and stars over cardboard.I haven't started the applique yet,I'm waiting for the fabric to arrive...
    It will be fun to see our quilts grow.
    Happy stitching Lisa :)

  2. Hello Wendy, I have also ordered Threadbear's pattern and also the background fabric they have used. It certainly is the most beautiful quilt and I am looking forward to seeing how they progress. Your blog is fabulous and you are very talented. Kindest regards, Ann

  3. The easies (and quickest) way to do hexagons is using the glue method which has been made "famous" by Sue Daley. It cuts prep time by more than a quarter!! Heres the link:


    I have converted all my friends and we are all hexa-crazy!


  4. Yes, I have been using the Glue Sticks as well. Used them first for clam shells, then the hexagons. They work very well.

  5. Hi Wendy, I know you are extremely busy and wondered if you had started this quilt as yet...I love it and wondered how you are doing on it.