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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beyond the Cherry Trees - Block 9

I took this hand work with me last week on my travels.  After some very busy days it was quite relaxing to sit and sew quietly.  It was much easier than the previous 2 blocks which had so many circles in one, and leaves in the other.  Not so sure about the bird :-(  might leave it for a while and see if I still feel the same in a couple of months.

Just as I was snapping the photo, little miss Skylar stuck her head in the photo!  Thinks only she should be in photos.  Thought I would share it anyway.


  1. It's so pretty!!!
    So is Skylar:)

  2. Great block Wendy and I think that the bird adds to the charm of the quilt. Miss Skylar sure is a pretty child.

    from Texas