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Monday, September 10, 2018

Last week I continued with kitchen renovations and had a new oven installed.  Very nice!  However, the electrician had to get access via the cupboard in my sewing room.  It was not a pretty sight, and had to pull everything out of one cupboard to get in.  I found something.  An almost completed Whig Rose quilt.  I can remember starting this, and I checked the dates and it was started July 2004.  The border went on in 2005, it was basted and some parts marked in 2006..........
and.....there it sat for all these years.

What went wrong?  Did I fall out of love? No. It was, and still is, a very heavy quilt.  It is Kona cotton solids for all of the applique, plus cotton batting and cotton backing.  As I was quilting it, it seemed to slip a lot within the hoop.  I could see lots of ripples in the hand quilting.  I lost heart. 

However, having another look at it after 12 years, I have decided to finish it and make the best of it.  It had been marked with a blue wash out pen...my favourite....but after all these years I have no idea what brand it was and if it would come out. Usually I spray the work with water after it is quilted, and hope the marks come out.  I am very happy to say that after all these years the marks did come out......mostly

You can see here (along with the ripples!) that the blue lines have disappeared.  Once it is washed and blocked I expect (!) the quilt to be smooth and flat and free of any marks.

However, some lines had turned grey.  I have no idea what I marked this part with, and I hope it washes out.  I will just quilt over the top and hope for the best.
You can see these very faint lines.  Has anyone else had this happen?  I have never had a problem with the blue pens and have used them for probably 20 years.

This is the book where I first saw the quilt I am making.

 I am pretty sure that I have seen it in other books, but this is the one that took my eye

I changed the colours a bit.  The original is made from prints and mine is all solids.  I love the way the solids shine against the background.


  1. Such a lovely quilt, glad you found it again, it is not a pattern you see a lot these days and it is beautiful, also your quilting. I have that book too, very inspirational. I cannot tell you anything about the markings as I have always been too afraid to use these (kind of) pens. I hand quilt too and only use Sewline pencils (grey or white) to mark or a chalk pencil (from the Stencil Co.). Think that once you quilt it , the lines may not show anymore anyway.

  2. Beautiful quilt and so glad to hear that you're finishing it up at long last! I use/experiment with marking pens & pencils too. I've used yellow and red chalk once and never will again. Those lines were VERY difficult to remove and some never did. Frixxion pens work pretty well but sometimes they leave a shadow too. I have found Sewline pens and blue wash-out markers to be the best if I have to mark. I think the gray lines on your quilt will not be visible later either due to they're already so light. Great job!

  3. I only use the blue pen on things that I know will be washed frequently like a baby quilt. That way I know the lines won't be evident 20 years from now. They are convenient for sure, I guess I just don't trust them long term. I'm guessing your grey lines won't even be evident after quilting. I adore this quilt!

  4. In the hand quilting that I do, I use a mechanical pencil which disappears pretty much in my quilting. I've tried others and am leery of the long term use of some of those commercial markers that are supposed to come out... I am concerned about the long term effect of those chemicals.

  5. Wow! What a treasure. I thought hand quilting was supposed to ripple. That's why it looks so good.