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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adjustable Ruler

Just when you thought you had seen every quilting gadget imaginable, Karen Kay Buckley, has brought out something new......a Perfect Adjustable Ruler.


I am not at all surprised about this, as it is a natural follow on from the Adjustable Square, with the same interlocking pieces.  One of my friends, who had bought the square, told me how she had used the pieces to take to an interstate retreat, when she needed a long ruler.  The conventional long ruler did not fit into her carry on luggage.
So, the rulers come in 3"wide and 6"wide and it locks together to make rulers 6", 12", 18"and 24".  All the pieces go into these beautiful little pouches, made from purple and green felt.

There is a Youtube video link that shows you how it works.  If you click HERE you can see it.

I put the same link into the Legend and Lace website but it refuses to work, so I am at a loss.

So far, I have sent a few of these off to some Australian quilting magazines for a "test run"but they are fresh off the plane.  Hopefully we will see some reviews soon.

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