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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nagging does work

It seems I have run out of excuses for not finishing my Little Sisters quilt.  It has been resting for 18 months.  Just lately I had Cheri give me a "hurry up" on it.  Penny has been at me too, as well as the very patient Dawn.

 It looked like this last time I posted on it.  It sat about since then.  this week I ran out of excuses, and started on the final border.  I had the drawing for the leaf/feather in my box for about 2 years, so that was not the problem, it was just working out how to get it to all fit around the edge.  That is worked out, and I will show you when it is all done.

I went to the cupboard to get out the red fabric, and could only find about 1 1/2metres left.  I am so sure I had more, and guess I have nibbled at it, or it is stashed some place else.  First thing in the next morning I jumped online and ordered another 2 yards just in case.  Really, I was surprised to find it, but will wait and see if I it arrives.  It is a very old Judie Rothermel Lancaster County 111.  Fingers crossed.  I am not even sure I like it any more, but it does give out that lovely warm red glow, as it has the little bit of yellow in the print.  The green is the same range.

 I use lunch wrap tissue on a roll to trace my drawing.  I can play with it a fair bit, rub out, copy etc, and it is pretty tough really.  Great for borders.

I do back-basting applique, so once the drawing is done, I can then just trace it onto the back of the fabric.  No need to worry about making templates.  Even the fine is done that way.

All the leaves are tacked in place, ready to applique.  Once they are done, then I can do the vine.  It is now portable, and I can take it anywhere with me.

 The first leaf is done.  Not so keen on all those curvy bits, but it will look fine in the end.
I added the in between border.  That bit hanging below is the centre of the quilt which I have not trimmed back yet.  Will leave it until I am really sure I have the measurements correct.

So girls, thanks for nagging, it is in the way again.

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  2. Oh be still my heart...I love everything about this quilt and if I helped nag you into completing the pattern I am thrilled. I am so glad you are also doing the feather border. I am happy to hear you are are doing your applique by back basting - my favorite applique technique. I think your red fabric is very appropriate. I am a happy girl!

  3. So pleased to see you have this beauty out!
    Looking forward to your progress.

  4. I just love this quilt! You are doing a fabulous job! Love it!

  5. Wow! What a lovely design, so much work you have done already! You have done a fabulous job, once the border is finished and attached you will feel mighty pleased with yourself you know LOL!!!!! It is a classic beauty, I look forward to seeing it again when you have done the leaf border!!!