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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feathered Star - part 3 - all finished

The feathered star is now all finished!  The 4 blocks to complete the class sample are now ready to put together
To set in the corrner triangles, pin at the inner point and the outer point.  Take two backstitches at the outer point and stitch to the centre point.  two more backstitches, and pivot the work around.
Start stitching from the inner point to the outside edge of the work, finishing with two backstitches again
Stop at each of the seam lines as you come to them, do a little backstitch and take the needle under the seam and out the other side
Now that the block is finished, trim up the seams, turn it over on the ironing board and start pressing the seams so that the lay flat.  Press the seams over and under so that they are nice and flat.
this is what it looks like all finished!

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